Director's Statement
"I've struggled with the issue of not being able to put my phone down for the longest time. Regardless of time or activity, whether just waking up or eating dinner, I am constantly glued to my screen with whatever content pops up and flies past on my phone. It's a problem that I feel most of my generation faces, and I wanted to document what we feel in our daily lives, where we constantly struggle for air in an infinite sea of technology and social media."
Too Much, Not Enough (2023)
A young man deals with the euphoric but addictive effects of social media.

Writer/Director, Producer, DP & Editor - Hugh Vo
Story by - Hugh Vo & Christian Gonzalez
Production Assistant, Gaffer, Camera 2 - Christian Gonzalez
Camera 3 - Gabe Samoy
Additional voices - ElevenLabs
Additional video generation - Runway

CREDITS (in order of appearance)
Protagonist - Gabe Samoy
Lawyer, Football Guy 1 - Ricardo Santiago-Carpio
Brown Dog, Podcast Guy 2 - Hugh Vo
Football Guy 2, Podcast Guy 1, ASMR Guy - Christian Gonzalez
Dancer-Influencer - Kaleiah Gonzalez
Not Crusty White Dog - Tofu
Girl Posing for Photos - Lizzy Kim
Interview-Influencer - Jacob Yun
Alpha Male Entrepreneur - JD Alarcon

Awards & Festivals
Assurdo Film Festival - August/September 2023 Awards
Best Super Short
Hellbender Student Film Festival
Best Experimental
Opificer Media Student Film Festival
Best in Show 
Best Actor Nomination, Best Editing Nomination, Best Cinematography Nomination, Best Director Nomination, Best College Film Nomination
Kosice International Film Festival
Official Selection
Mt. SAC Filmmakers Spring 2023 Film Festival
Official Selection

Behind the Scenes