Los Angeles, California. 
Hugh is a 20-year old Vietnamese-Chinese-American director and photographer. He is currently pursing his education at USC in Southern California. His journey in the creative arts began in 2014, and has since spent his years polishing his skills in directing and photography.
As a photographer, Hugh has a diverse portfolio that includes capturing events for the Asian Pacific Cinema Association and the Vietnamese Student Association. Hugh is also sought after for grad photos, capturing meaningful moments for graduating students. He has collaborated with brands such as HOMMEFACE in capturing skincare products and has a broad range of skills in photography, from capturing beautiful landscapes to urban architecture.
Beyond photography, Hugh is a storyteller at heart. He writes and directs his own short films, bringing forth surreal and absurd concepts into his films. His films have garnered thousands of views worldwide.
Hugh's expertise extends to cinematography and editing, skills he has developed over years of working on his own projects. He is well-versed in various roles within filmmaking, having experience from producing to gripping.
Whether it's capturing meaningful moments through photography or bringing creative visions to life on screen, Hugh's passion, creativity, and technical prowess make him a valuable asset for any project. Hugh is always ready to turn creative dreams into reality, crafting compelling visual narratives that leave a lasting impact.
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